Why Does It Take So Long to Get Custom Doors Made?

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Why Does It Take So Long To Get Custom Doors Made

Why Does It Take So Long to Get Custom Doors Made?

Customization might be one of the biggest benefits of having custom doors, but it is also the biggest challenge. The time it takes to make custom doors is the major factor that many people find surprising. It isn’t surprising, however, if you stop and take a look at how custom doors are made and why they take so long. It takes time and effort to make a custom door, and we’ve outlined these reasons and other important considerations for you.

1. Design Process

Every design process involves weeks and months of discussion, revision, and observation. If you’ve ever designed something – a car, a house – you know that it takes time to get the design just right, and you’re looking for major change – not a slight adaptation! These discussions lead to the first draft, which then leads to an increasing number of drafts until the product is finalized and ready to be made. Once the design is finalized, it is time to create the molds – the first step of the production process – and this takes a lot of time and effort.

2. Mold Making

The process of creating the molds is extremely complicated, as they have to meet several high-quality standards. Not only that, but molds also have a short lifespan, as they wear out as soon as the first piece of glass is made. Each step of the process requires a lot of time and energy, so the process can’t be rushed. This is why the mold making process is a crucial part of the production process, and it is also a huge storyline in the making of custom doors.

3. Material Selection

If you’re going to have custom doors made, you have to have a clear idea of what you want them to look like. Do you want them to be hand-sanded? Do you want them to be painted? Do you want them to be colored? Once you’ve decided on what you want for your custom doors, you can move on to choosing the material. This part isn’t quite as easy as it sounds though, as there are several materials that can be used to make custom doors. These materials aren’t immediately available, and manufacturers have to find them, which can take several weeks. From stupendous Californian Redwood, to oak, to cherry, you can have your door made in any material you like. And every material has its own unique properties, so the manufacturing process will vary to include or exclude certain steps, depending on the material you choose.

4. Production process

Right after the molds are completed, the custom doors production process begins. This process requires a lot of man-hours, and it takes a lot of time. The total leave-time depends on the industry the customer works in – again, this is a major factor in the average time it takes to make custom doors – and this is why production depends so much on the process. In addition, the production process is also a very distressing process, as it can be truly difficult to create a product of this caliber. It is a lot of pressure, and it is a lot of time, but it is well worth it.


Once your custom doors are complete, they are placed in a shipper and shipped to your door. Of course, Installing custom doors is the easy part! If you do not already have solid wood custom door frames, you will also need to have those custom-made by a contractor. All in all, your custom doors can take anywhere from a month to a year to be made, depending on the process.


Custom doors are made specifically to fit perfectly within the door frames in your individual home. These doors will last the lifetime of your home. Achieving that level of quality takes time. From the design process, to digital measuring to mold making, to material selection, to manufacturing to installation, every step in the process requires time to be done properly, but once your custom doors are installed you won’t regret investing the time.

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