The Top 9 Benefits of a Custom Closet That An Off-The-Shelf System Can't Match

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Benefits of A Custom Closet System

Why You Should Get Custom Closets Instead of an Off-the-Shelf Closet Organizer System

We’ve all seen those movies; the lead actress walks into her meticulously organized custom closet and twirls as she makes those critical fashion choices. While we may not need all that drama, organization is usually at the top of your wish list for your closet. We all wish that we could step into the closet, see our options, and assemble the perfect outfit in little time. It’s possible, with a custom-designed closet.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get that closet of your dreams but you’re not sure if you should buy off-the-shelf or spring for a custom design, then you’ve come to the right place. We have all the details about just what a custom closet entails and the benefits it offers.

The Benefits of a Custom Closet

Value Added to Your Biggest Investment

Adding a custom closet in your home adds value to your investment. Once installed the buzz words “custom closet” will draw the attention of homebuyers looking for something special. Closet space is a big plus, giving your house an edge in a competitive market.

Modifications Are Possible

When you choose custom closets, everything can be modified to your liking. Features can be upgraded and along the way you can make changes as it all comes together.

It’s Made for Your Space

Custom closet organizers are constructed to fit the dimensions of your closet. Because of this, you end up using the maximum space possible. If you are a collector of shoes, this area can take up the largest part of your closet design if you wish. Watch connoisseurs can elect to have a drawer installed to showcase their timepieces.

Specialty Service

When you opt for a custom closet, you get specialty service in the form of a closet designer. Your professional designer will come out and measure your space, determine your preference, and style, and create a custom design plan. Closet designers also have expertise in helping your choose lighting, paint colors, finishes, decorative hardware, and accessories. Your closet system is then manufactured and installed by professionals. The work and system are both warrantied.

Custom Styling

Your custom closet will be designed to fit the style of your room. Designers can style it to be contemporary, traditional, and in whatever colors you decide. You can also take this chance to showcase those pieces you love and display your style. Imagine your coveted shoe collection highlighted with LED lighting.


When you have a well-designed closet that is customized to your belongings, it’s easy to get and stay organized. This is especially true if your bedroom and closet are small. When the clutter is out of the way your space will open up and appear roomier. 

You’ll find it so much less frustrating when everything is in its place. Life gets easier when you can see everything beautifully displayed. No more running late or spending hours trying to find everything you need.

The Constant Purchase and Purge Routine is Over

Even when you have plenty of space in your closet, if it’s not organized well, it just doesn’t seem like enough. To get your spring clothes in you have to store your winter wear. When it’s a custom-designed closet, your system is built for the clothes that you have.

A Quality System That Adds Luxury

Custom closets are quality systems that are made with durable materials and with expert craftsmanship. And you feel like you’re in the lap of luxury, right in your bedroom.

Saving in the Long Run

You walk into the closet and cannot find those jeans, those scarves, that pair of black sandals. And then you end up replacing them. Or your items are smushed together, ruining your sweaters or purses. When everything is put into its place in your custom closet, you’ll know what you have, and everything stays in tip-top shape.

A Custom Closet is the Solution

No matter the closet space, a custom closet is the answer. If you are looking to create an organized and beautiful closet space, a custom closet is the best bet. Closet designers inventory your items and find solutions to storing everything. 

Working with a professional closet designer, you will create and receive a beautiful and functional space. Reach out to Simply Doors and Closets today to schedule your consultation.

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