How Long Does It Take To Install a Custom Closet

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We love clothes. So much so that we dedicated entire spaces in our home to house them. As you continue growing your clothing collection, it might be time to upgrade to a custom closet. Many of us dream of having a huge walk-in closet with all the space in the world. Dreams are great but understanding the design and installation process is crucial when putting in your custom closet. The specifics of custom closet installation can surprise many homeowners. Our guide gives you all the information you need to know as you plan yours.  

Preparing for the installation process

Installing a closet requires a significant deal of prep work. For example, if you expand existing closet space, you need to relocate all the belongings. Everything needs to be removed from it. That includes clothing, jewelry, linens, shoes, and even everything affixed to the wall, like shelving and hangers. You should know it is normal to feel overwhelmed while emptying your closet. Talking to your designer or contractor can help you better during this stage in the process. At this point, it is a great idea to sort through your belongings and find things you are willing to donate. You can also buy or rent temporary garment racks to store your clothes while your closet is under construction.

Once you remove belongings and finalize plans, your designer or contractor can restructure your closet. Restructuring your closet will include patchwork, painting, and drywall work. Several factors contribute to the total installation time.

Factors that contribute to installation time. 

The needs and wants in your new closet will determine much about the installation time. It could be as short as a few days to two weeks. It all depends on the amount of work required to complete your new design. Here are several factors that impact installation time. 

Expansion Size

There are several different sizes of closets and the size of your new one is the most significant factor contributing to installation time. For example, reach-in closets take relatively little time to install. These are the smallest type of closet and only utilize enough space for someone to reach into and grab a garment. Then there is the larger closet type: a walk-in. These include one of three walls and leave enough space for someone to walk in and pick out garments. 

Some people opt for the bougie master closet. These are like a walk-in but usually include four walls and enough space for seating in the center. The larger size of the closet, the longer you can expect for installation. However, it is also essential to mention obstructions. These can be anything that a contractor needs to build around. It could be a window, access panels, wiring, or vents. These can come up unexpectedly during installation and delay the process. 

Installation times will vary but generally: a reach-in takes .5 – 1 day, a walk-in takes 1-2 days, and a master walk-in or boutique takes 3-4 days. 

Installation Method

Depending on the method your designer or contractor chooses can impact the installation time. Keep in mind that the methods the contractor picks are dependent upon your custom design and layout of your home. For example, low ceilings may push your contractor to choose a wall-hung installation. You should work with your designer to get the best idea for your vision. They will be able to help choose the best installation method for your custom closet.


When you choose to renovate or redesign your closet can drastically impact your installation time. For example, if you are renovating other areas of your home, you can tack on a closet redesign while the contractor is scheduled to be there. As a rule, it is best to renovate your closet after the paint and flooring are complete for a room. 

Use this guide to keep your installation time in check. 

Armed with the knowledge from this guide, you should be able to assess the time your closet installation will take. Based on your design and wants, you can roughly gauge completion times. So, you’ll know if your contractor is taking longer than necessary. However, do consider that obstructions can occur, and they likely will. Regardless, knowing roughly how long a closet installation takes will help you ensure the costs stay appropriate, and your hired contractor is devoting the necessary amount of time to the project.

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