Article - How to Organize a Small House With No Storage

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How to Organize a Small House With No Storage

To make the most of your small house, you will need to create zones, or places to keep certain items. To create storage space, install shelves, place hooks inside cabinets, and install storage furniture such as under-bed storage boxes. Then, you can create more areas for different types of items. If you have extra space, consider adding built-ins and pegboards. If you have limited space, you can also consider purchasing furniture with storage space.


When you are in a tight space, building shelves up high is a great solution. You can use wooden bins to store small items and ladders with casters to access the upper levels. You can also fit entertainment centers into built-ins to maximize storage. Another creative storage idea is turning window areas into benches. Build high shelves with plenty of storage space for your television, DVD player, or music system.


Organizing a small house with no storage space can be difficult, but pegboards can provide a functional storage solution with a beautiful aesthetic. You don’t have to buy pegboards from a big box tool store to add functional organization to your home. Instead, purchase pegboards online and use them to hang up items you need to store. A pegboard can be any size and placed anywhere you need more storage space. Click for more info.

Vertical storage

If you live in a small house with limited storage space, you may be wondering how you can make the most of vertical space in your home. Using shelves is a common solution for this problem. You can outfit oddly shaped rooms easily with stackable or collapsible shelves. Prefabricated shelves come in all heights and styles. Install them floor to ceiling, in a kitchen pantry, or even under the stairs. There are also countless options for custom shelving. Another great article here.

Furniture with storage

A small house presents a unique set of storage challenges. To overcome these challenges, consider the use of storage baskets and containers. Place frequently used items such as cleaning supplies in designated bins or shelves. This will help you keep the area clutter-free. For more tips and tricks, read on! Here are a few ideas on how to organize furniture with storage in a small house with no storage:

Using hidden spaces

Using hidden spaces can be a fantastic storage solution. Place a cubbyhole near your entryway. This can be an excellent place to drop items, as it will keep them off the floor. Designate specific areas for specific purposes. For example, under your bed is a great place to store out-of-season clothing. Using a vacuum suction device will make this task a snap!

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