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Best Places to visit in Alexandria, VA

Although Alexandria is a very small city, it has an amazing variety of places to visit! From major landmarks like the Jefferson Memorial and the halls of George Mason University to smaller hidden gems like Little Creek Riding Club. Not only does Alexandria have some of the most beautiful homes in America, but its museums and historical sites are just as impressive. Here are 10 great places to visit in Alexandria, VA that you might not know about!


George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, George Washington Masonic Memorial is a National Memorial dedicated to the history of Freemasonry in America. The memorial was constructed on the site of the old city jail, which was built in 1803. In 1922, the city demolished the old jail, and the Masonic Fraternity acquired the property and memorialized the site. The site includes two monuments: a sculpture of Washington and a granite wall inscribed with the Masonic symbols. The wall, which is only accessible to members of the Masonic Fraternity, was the original entrance to the jail. The George Washington Masonic Memorial is a National Historic Landmark and a Smithsonian Institution Building.


Old Town Alexandria Walking Tour

The walking tour of Old Town Alexandria runs through one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in the US. The walk highlights the architecture of houses, churches, and other buildings that are over 200 years old. The tour leads you through most of the major attractions found in the neighborhood, such as the George Washington Masonic Memorial, Washington Masonic Library and Museum, the Washington Sq. Park, the Alexandria Museum and Fort e Washington. Visitors can also learn about the history of the neighborhood and some of the famous people who once lived in the area. There are a number of walking tours available, but this is one of the most popular.


Jamestowne Park and Historic Site

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, Jamestowne Park includes a visitor center, winery, hiking trails, and a park. Jamestowne Park contains many artifacts related to the founding of the United States. The park also has a reconstructed fort, reconstructed buildings, and a visitor center with exhibits about Jamestowne Park. The park has hiking trails that are open to walkers, joggers, and cyclists. While the trails are designed for pedestrians, some of the trails are open to cyclists. The hiking trails are also open to bikers during daylight hours. The park also has several reconstructed buildings that have been retained in their original shapes. The buildings have been left in their original locations, and some have been decorated or repainted to look like they did when they were originally built. Learn more about custom doors and closets here.

Alexandria Museums and Cultural Districts

There are a number of museums in Alexandria, Virginia that are worth visiting. The Alexandria Museum and the George Washington Masonic Museum are two of the most popular museums. These museums are free and offer a great deal of information about the history of Alexandria and the Capital Region. Alexandria also has a number of cultural districts that are worth visiting. The Monticello Arts District is a collection of buildings that have been restored and transformed into galleries, art studios, and other community spaces. The Alexandria Black History Museum has a number of artifacts and memorabilia that are related to the history of black people in America. The Alexandria Little Theatre has hosted performances since 1938, and the theatre is a National Historic Landmark. Another great article about Alexandria here.

Point of Interest #1 Carlyle House Historic Park, 121 N Fairfax St, Alexandria, VA 22314, United States

Point of Interest #2 The George Washington Masonic National Memorial, 101 Callahan Dr, Alexandria, VA 22301, United States

Point of Interest #3 Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site, 4301 W Braddock Rd, Alexandria, VA 22304, United States


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